At The Wedding Saga, we understand that finding the right accommodations for you and your guests is an essential part of planning a successful wedding.

Our Accommodations service includes everything from securing room blocks at nearby hotels to arranging transportation to and from the wedding venue. We work closely with our clients to determine their accommodation needs and preferences, such as proximity to the wedding venue, amenities, and budget. Our team then researches and recommends accommodations options that meet those criteria and negotiate the best possible rates and terms.

We also understand the importance of keeping everyone organized and informed during the wedding weekend. That’s why we provide our clients with detailed itineraries and schedules that include all relevant information about accommodations, transportation, and events. Our team also coordinates with the accommodations providers and vendors to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that all logistics are executed flawlessly.

How do we manage all accommodations for you and your guests?

Identify accommodation options

The first step is to identify suitable accommodation options for guests. This typically involves researching hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and other types of lodging in the area where the wedding is taking place. We consider factors such as location, amenities, availability, and price when evaluating potential accommodations.

Negotiate rates and contracts

Once we have identified a list of potential accommodations, we work to negotiate rates and contracts with the properties. This can involve negotiating room block rates, securing additional amenities (such as transportation or breakfast), and ensuring that guests are able to cancel their reservations without penalty if necessary.

Communicate options to guests

We then communicate the accommodation options to guests, typically through a dedicated wedding website or via email. We provide detailed information about each property, including rates, availability, and location. We also include instructions for booking, as well as any relevant deadlines or cutoff dates.

Manage room blocks

In many cases, we will set up room blocks at one or more of the recommended properties. This involves reserving a certain number of rooms at a negotiated rate, which guests can then book directly with the hotel or through a booking link provided by the wedding planning company. We monitor room block usage and adjust the number of rooms reserved as needed to ensure that all guests have access to accommodations.

Assist with individual bookings

For guests who prefer to book accommodations outside of the room block, we are available to provide assistance and recommendations. We can help guests find alternative lodging options that meet their specific needs and preferences and can offer guidance on booking procedures and deadlines.

Coordinate transportation

Depending on the location of the wedding and the accommodations, transportation may be necessary to shuttle guests between hotels, the wedding venue, and other locations. As part of our accommodations services, we can coordinate transportation logistics and arrange for buses, shuttles, or other modes of transportation as needed.

Address guest concerns

Throughout the planning process, we are available to address any concerns or issues that guests may have related to their accommodations. We provide a dedicated point of contact for guests to reach out to with questions or problems and work to resolve any issues in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Overall, our goal in managing accommodations for a wedding is to ensure that guests have a comfortable and stress-free experience. By handling all of the logistics and details related to lodging, we can help ensure that guests can focus on enjoying the festivities and celebrating with the happy couple.