Vendor Management

With so many vendors and services coming together to create your dream wedding, we know it takes immaculate management and attention to detail to make everything run smoothly.

Whether you’re planning a local celebration or a destination wedding, we have the connections and know-how to bring in the best vendors from around the globe to create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Vendor Sourcing

Are sleepless nights and endless to-do lists keeping you up as you plan your dream wedding? As your wedding planners, leave the burden of coordinating with vendors to us! From florists and caterers to musicians and photographers, we’ll bring all the pieces of your dream wedding together seamlessly. Don’t let the stress of wedding planning take away from the joy of your special day. Relax and enjoy the process, knowing that every detail is in expert hands.

Vendor Negotiation

Not the best at bargaining? Or maybe too shy to ask for a discount or worried you’ll end up with poor quality if you bargain? Well, worry no more! Leave your negotiations to us, and we’ll ensure that you get the best quality at the most reasonable prices – be it flowers, venue, decorations, catering, or DJ arrangement! With our expertise, you won’t have to stress about compromising your quality or budget!

On-time Delivery

Your wedding day will see a busy flow of events, and any delays or failures can leave your guests frustrated or uncared for. That’s why timing is key, and it’s an essential part of our vendor management policy. With a focus on time management, we ensure that your big day runs smoothly and that your guests stay engaged and entertained.

OnGround Management

You don’t want your vendors struggling with space, poor communication, or function delays on your big day. These problems can delay the smooth flow of events on your big day! That’s why it’s our job to constantly be in touch with every vendor on ground to ensure everything is ready at the right place and time. No room for uninvited messes that can disrupt the D-day memories!