We wouldn’t judge if you say Greece is the most beautiful wedding destination to tie the knot and that’s crystal clear from the top 5 dreamy wedding locations in Greece we bring you from Santorini to Mykonos to end your search for the best Greece wedding venues for your “I Do” vows.


Santorini needs no new introduction for the magical fairy tale charm that its Cycladic architecture brings making it one of the top wedding destinations in Greece. This magnificent volcanic island set amidst the Aegean sea is an ethereal setting for a picture-perfect wedding. From captivating panoramas, and magical sunsets to charming villages, Santorini rightly holds its position in the top 10 destination wedding venues in the world.


Set aside azure blue, crystal-clear waters, and dreamy white sand beaches, Mykonos houses some of the most stunning and sought-after wedding venues in Greece. Boasting a similar Cycladic architectural setting as Santorini, Mykonos is a cosmopolitan and celebrity-approved wedding destination famous for shimmering shores.

Athens & Athens Riveria

The city of Athens, an ancient metropolis bearing the name of the goddess of wisdom, Athena, presents a fusion of classical splendor and contemporary elegance. The Athenian Riviera stretches along the coastal expanse witnessing the convergence of pristine beaches and breathtaking historical landmarks. Hence, it is perfect as a destination wedding venue in Greece for sophisticated “I Do” ceremonies.


Lying south of the picturesque Aegean Sea, Crete belongs to the largest group of Greek islands adorned with diverse landscapes from fairy-tale beaches to dreamy valleys, gorges, mountains, and lakes. Crete is home to the Minoan culture and perfectly combines a rich history with sumptuous local culture. It is a fabulous choice to host a grand wedding ceremony with the feel of authentic Cretan culture.


Peloponnese is the perfect destination in Greece to explore the grandiose amalgamation of Byzantine, Ottoman, and Venetian rule for your wedding day. Peloponnese caters to all traveler needs providing luxury villas and the cosmopolitan backdrop of Porto Heli to the traditional tower houses enveloping Mani and Monemvasia. Peloponnese is rightly popular as one of the best Greece wedding venues.