City Lights, Wedding Nights: Embracing Romance in Mumbai

May 4, 2024
May 4, 2024 admin

Congratulations on your engagement! Have you started planning your wedding? Or, is it the excitement that brings you here to our blog? Read through, and get exciting ideas for your wedding plan.

We can understand that, when it comes to weddings, every couple hopes for a wonderful celebration and Mumbai is the best place for you to add magic to your big day. The busy streets, magnificent skyline, and rich cultural heritage will give you an unforgettable destination wedding.

Aligning with the Arabian Sea, you can imagine yourself saying “I do” in front of the “Gateway of India”. From romantic walks at Marine Drive to moonlight beach picnics at Juhu Beach, Mumbai is the best place to embrace your romance. Look at some places and check out our tips for a feasible destination wedding.

Venues that are best Suitable for your Destination Wedding in Mumbai

Sun N Sand’s Juhu

Did you choose Mumbai because you want to enjoy the beach and water? If yes, then the Sun N Sand venue in Juhu is an excellent choice. Imagine a wedding on the beach with the sun setting in the background. That is how picturesque the wedding location at Beach Front Terrace at Sun N Sand (Juhu) is, with its spacious open courtyard and groomed plants. Moreover, it is situated 5.2 kilometres from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Best time to host a wedding: October-March.
Maximum capacity: 1000 (floating) and 700 (seating)
Average cost: ₹18-20 lakhs for 100 guests

The Leela Palace, Andheri

Some couples dream of a lavish destination wedding, for them, there is no better place than The Leela. They are popularly known for their exceptional service and unique wedding venue décor. Additionally, they offer an experienced staff of wedding planner who will help you handle the wedding preparation process.

Best time to host a wedding: September-April.
Maximum capacity: 700 (floating) and 450 (seating).
Average cost: ₹15 lakhs-₹17 lakhs (approx. 100 guests)

Taj Mahal Palace, Colaba

Everybody knows the Taj Mahal Palace. It is the most renowned setting for a destination wedding in Mumbai. This iconic hotel offers dining halls, roofs, and poolside lawns for wedding celebrations.

Best time to hold a wedding: January-July
Maximum capacity: 650 (Floating) and 450 (Seating)
Average cost: ₹70 lakhs to ₹1.5 crores per bundle

Tips for a Feasible Destination Wedding

1. Reduce the number of guests

Inviting guests to your wedding is a crucial task, and sometimes tiresome. With a load of peer pressure, we often have a guest list so high that it not only goes above our expectations but the budget as well. The best type of celebration always happens around your close friends and family. Therefore, save money on food and hotel accommodation by inviting your closest people to your wedding. Additionally, ask your guests for an early RSVP to avoid any delay or shortage of rooms.

2. Hire a local photographer

To save money on travel and hotel, it’s suggested to hire a photographer who is local with an appropriate experience. If you are planning a wedding with a destination wedding planner in Mumbai, then they will assist you with the best and most feasible choice. Furthermore, it will save you the hassle of arranging a room for the photographer.

3. Simple decorations

Reduce décor costs by choosing basic decorations for the wedding site. Furthermore, people can employ local items for wedding decorations, such as flowers from local sellers. However, it is possible to arrange DIY decorations with the bride and groom’s respective families. It may become an enjoyable hobby for both persons involved as well as the beginning of a trend.

4. Select an off-season date

Since Mumbai is a highly populated city, it is advisable that you pick a date in the off-season, provided cultural or religious concerns do not limit your wedding date.

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